Easter 2020

Easter Sunday this year is Sunday 11 April ... the morning service will be streamed from the benefice Facebook page at 9.45 am

We are going to try to create a couple of audio files with Choir and Organ so that we can lead people in singing some hymns


You should have had an e-mail from me with the music for Sunday's hymns attached

If you click on the links below you can listen to the hymns we are going to sing on Easter Sunday

These are computer generated audio files so you will not hear any words but you should hear all the notes sung to AH
These audio files are just to help you learn your part and to ensure that we all sing at the same speed and in the same key !
These computer generated files will NOT be used on Sunday

I suggest that you listen to the audio file a few times so you can learn your part

When you are ready you can then record your part using WhatsApp and send it to me

I will then attempt to mix all the audio files from choir members together with an Organ part using "Audacity" and create one master audio file we can play on Sunday

When you record your part you will need to sing in time with the audio file on here so we all sing at the same speed

However ideally I do NOT really want to hear this computer generated audio file in your recording

So you could listen to the computer file through headphones whilst you sing into WhatsApp so only your voice gets recorded

OR if that is difficult you could turn the volume on the computer right down so you can only just hear it

To record in WhatsApp ...  first choose to Chat to me … if I am not in your contacts you may need to add me and my number 07967 548590 ...

Then to the right of the box you usually type a message in you should see a Green Microphone ... hold it down and swipe it up to lock

You are then ready to start the computer audio file and sing with it

Both the hymns have three verses ... and in both hymns we will sing the harmony parts in verses 1 and 2 but in verse 3 men should sing the tune and ladies the descant

The first hymn has 4 bars of introduction before you need to start singing and the second hymn has 8 bars of introduction before you need to start singing

For both hymns there is a bars rest between the introduction and verse 1 and in between the verses of the hymns

Hope all this makes sense ... if something is not clear please ask

Jesus Christ is risen today


Thine be the glory