Kinnerley Mothers' Union 



I am sorry to say Kinnerley Mothers Union will not be able to meet in September, nor can we say when we will be able to meet. 
So a poem by our resident poet, Ann Crowther. 
This is for those a similar age to myself. It makes me smile and remember when we were young and free.
Times Gone By Ann Crowther.
O  what a wonderful  childhood we,....
With fields of green where we run free.
Picked Buttercups, made Daisy chains.
Played hide and seek, in hedge rowed lanes.
Watched birds make nests, saw rabbits run.
All simple things, but oh, such fun.
We paddled in the babbling brook.
Caught little fish on make shift hooks.
In summer time, we played all day.
In harvest fields of corn and hay.
Autumn was the best time of all,
When golden leaves and conkers fall.
In winter It was such a thrill,
To ride on sledge down snow clad hills.
Oh, what fun we all had then.
I do wish we could do it again.
Thank you Ann.
Ann Has been a member of Mothers Union for 25 years. 
Keep safe and well everyone.....Sue Burden.