Greetings from the Rector, July 2021

No, that isn’t a typo.  This month’s message, as we come out of lockdown, is one possible vision for what the future might look like.  Have a read, then have a think, what would your ideal future look like? 
Lets start the conversation. 
This month’s school leavers service marks the end of an incredible year for our local school.  Having been postponed last year our Village Extravaganza makes a welcome return, with a weekend of activities celebrating the gifts and talents of our various villages. 
Our community café celebrates six months since opening, and the money raised is helping to support local charities.  
Our local pubs have re-established themselves as amongst the best in the country, and we’re delighted that our local shops continue to flourish in these difficult times. 
Since our schools and churches reopened last year it has been a difficult time for all of us, but we kept the community spirit and neighbourliness that got us through the pandemic and our village communities are all stronger for it.
Our local cricket club continues to inspire and amaze us, and whilst we can never forget the lost season of 2020, 2021 might just be our best year yet.
August’s community Arts festival promises to be a glorious celebration of the amazing local gifts and talents- with workshops and activities for all ages.  I never realised how many talented people there are in our villages. 
What has moved me the most during this past year is the way our communities have continued to support those made vulnerable through illness, lost income and bereavements.  Those experiencing surplus have continued to support those in need and our communities are thriving because we look after one another.   
We have perhaps the most unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of our villages we will ever have, as we come out of lockdown, what would you like that future to look like?
Yours in Christ, Revd Chris.