Greetings from the Rector

November is a time of year when we remember those we have known and loved and we join together to remember those who served and continue to serve in our armed forces. 

To re-member the people of our community is something vital for us to do.  In our villages there are many who live alone, many who live with dementia or other illnesses.  By re-membering them, taking the time to speak to them and helping them to tell their stories, we are helping them mentally, physically and spiritually by reminding them they are not alone. 

On Sunday November 3rd there will be a special service at St Mary’s Kinnerley called an All Souls service.  At this service we light candles and read out the names of those we have known and loved, who are no longer with us.  If you would like to attend this service, and if you would like a loved one’s name remembered and read out during the service, please give me a ring and let me know.  (682351).

On Sunday November 10th there are acts of remembrance across our benefice.  In Kinnerley I’m delighted to welcome the local Scouts and our local Royal British Legion representative.   We will be paying our respects at the cenotaphs at 11am outside our churches.  

As you have read this, a particular person in your street, or in your village, might have popped into your head.  Someone who you haven’t seen for a while.  Can I encourage you to follow that instinct, to go and see if they are okay.  By remembering people we keep our communities flourishing. 

Our memories are not perfect, but God’s memory is.  If you are reading this and feel like you have been forgotten, please know in your heart that God remembers you and loves you.  My request is that we all do likewise.


Revd Chris


Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in November, 9am at St Mary's Knockin