Greetings from the Rector

September is here already, and as the summer holidays draw to a close, it’s time for new beginnings.  For some of us these are tinged with sadness as we remember friends we have left behind, or loved ones who are no longer with us.  For others there is the sense of excitement as we begin new classes at school, or a new school, college or university.

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If you look at the pictures above really carefully, you may find yourself recognising one of the people.  Sue is not just doing something new this September, she is stepping out in faith and travelling, with her intrepid companions, to share the love of God with the people of Tanzania. 

Their trip promises to make a life changing difference to the people they will encounter, and I am delighted to mention it here as a wonderful example of embracing novelty and doing something new even when we are afraid, safe in the knowledge that God goes before us.  

I will be praying for them as they share their faith in word and action and I encourage you to do likewise.

Click here to read more details of this Mission to Tanzania

As the slow pace of summer begins to be replaced by the frantic busyness of daily life, let us remember that God makes all things new, and as we experience novelty in our lives God makes the journey with us, opening our eyes and hearts to the wonder of the world around us.
Blessings in all that you do

Revd Chris

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in September, 9am at St Peter's Melverley