Greetings from your new Rector

Chris 600                                                           
What a busy few weeks it has been, with a new Bishop and a new Rector (it was a delight to welcome Bishop Sarah as she led my induction as your Rector back in July).  The Kinnerley Fete was superb, with the weather being kind to us, warm and dry (not too hot!)  My heartfelt thanks to all for a wonderful event.

Now school has finished and the summer holidays are here!!!  It’s time to find things to occupy our children and grandchildren for six weeks.  I’d like to remind you that when we say you are welcome in our churches we really mean it.  They are open during daylight hours, they’re free to enter, and provide excellent shelter during unexpected rain showers. 

With a bit of imagination our children can enjoy drawing things in church, taking rubbings from the various surfaces in the church.   They can play hide and seek in the pews or eye spy.  These are only suggestions, when you come up with other ideas please write them in the visitors’ book. Sometimes just spending time together in the peace and quiet is priceless.  When the weather turns warmer churches are cool and peaceful places where children can explore and adults can take a much needed opportunity to relax.   

Summer is naturally a time when we should slow down to savour the beauty of the countryside and the long days.  This period in the Church year is called ordinary time.  Yet nothing on this earth is ordinary.  God created this wonderful place we call home and our children are increasingly reminding us we are not looking after it properly.  So this summer holidays, before you jump in the car and endure a long drive to somewhere that costs a fortune to enter, think about exploring your local area first.  It’s better for the planet and the soul.  It’s the time spent together that counts, not how much you’ve spent to share that time.

Revd Chris

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in August, 9am at St John's Maesbury