Art and prayer 

Three years ago, I chose to go part-time as a clergyman, to get in touch with my artistic side. Nowadays I paint mainly in acrylics and mainly waterfalls which are now beginning to sell as cards and giclee prints here and in America. But how did I get here?
I always loved to paint or draw; to my surprise, I even won a class competition as a teenager, drawing, of all things, a bombing raid, for noticing the way the bombs tumble out, before fins give them direction. The same teacher gave me the best advice I ever had: “Draw, or paint, what you see, not what you think you see”. ‘Noticing’ is where art begins for me.
‘O’ levels precluded further art study until 35 years ago, sketching pictures of my family and friends, before a course on watercolour landscapes and skies set my course for 25 years. Still one of my favourite paintings is a sponge-painted horse. 
Three years ago I joined an art class and two art groups to tackle that hardest of subjects, the nude, learning how to paint or draw very quickly in a wide range of media and techniques. It was a day workshop on oil portraits that gave me the breakthrough eighteen months ago. The colours were stunning! Better still, it freed me to paint waterfalls with real energy for the first time. Acrylics soon replaced oils as smell and slow-drying ended their use.
I’ve since painted a dozen waterfalls, for the last of which, the Llanrhaeadr Falls, I’m already on my second painting. If you’d like to see some of these before I move on in July, there are two opportunities next month:
Wednesday, 12th June: 7.15-9 am Men’s breakfast at Knockin’s Bradford Arms, talking about my art generally
and Wednesday, 19th June, 7-9 pm at St Mary’s Kinnerley, talking about using art to help my prayer-life.
All welcome!