May Message

Hello all!

Spring has well and truly arrived, albeit after a few false starts, not to mention flooding in Melverley; every Spring, it seems, nature explodes in a great panoply of colour, followed by a quieter, more reflective period, as we wait for the Summer flowers to open; the coldness and bleakness of Winter seems a long-distant memory and we have energy again for those jobs we’ve managed to avoid doing with the excuse of the weather! Its great to have that energy and do lots of things, but then where does God fit into all of that? Where are you making time for God, for worship, for prayer?

Enjoy the Spring! Enjoy the energy it brings, but why not also make some space… for God.

You are always welcome to come and share with us at any of our churches’ services!
God bless, and I look forward to seeing you there,

Andy (Interim) Rector  

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in May, 9am at St Mary's Knockin