April Message

This month we are preparing for Easter, which is about rather more than chocolate bunnies, however delicious they might be!

It begins with the central Jewish Passover meal on Maundy Thursday which Jesus modified to become what we call ‘communion’ now, and a night of agonising prayer in Gethsemane in preparation for what was to come the next day. He is betrayed by one of his followers, and arrested.

He is tried but found not guilty, but a wound-up mob demanded Jesus’ death on the cross, on ‘Good’ Friday. He gave himself to this, possibly the most cruel method of execution yet devised, rather than give up on his goal to show humanity a different way of being together in loving, caring community. He died because he challenged the norms of society that honoured the rich but despised the poor AND blamed them for their condition (and I sometimes wonder how much we’ve changed?)  And in an extraordinary way that death also opened up the possibility to eternal life with God for those who believe and choose to follow this same man.

But of course it’s not all about suffering, for two days later everything changed, on Easter Sunday, as Jesus rose from the dead - a promise for all believers that we too can rise from death, to share eternity with this greatest of all people, if we follow him.

Do join in our Easter services or come and share with us in our usual worship. You will always be welcome.

God bless,  

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in March, 9am at St Mary's Kinnerley