March Message

This month we see the beginning of Lent, with Shrove Tuesday, then Ash Wednesday on the 6th.
Originally Lent was the period of intense learning and spiritual preparation for those new to faith, to prepare for Baptism at Easter. Over time that Lent has become a time for Christians to stop and reflect on our lives.  And often that’s helped by Bible study of some kind, as is being offered here as usual.
It’s also a good space to look at our lives and ask questions of ourselves: ‘What am I doing with my life?’, ‘Is what I am doing now what I want people to remember me by?’ ‘What do I want to change?’  Even the bigger questions: ‘Where is God in my life?’, ‘What is God’s calling for me?’……
I suggest that those might be good questions for everyone to ask of themselves at some point every year, whether you are a part of a congregation or not.  And if you agree, why not use Lent for that?
And if you would like help in thinking through those or other questions, why not contact me on 07963 705782 or or come and share with us in our usual worship.  You will always be welcome.

God bless, 

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in March, 9am at St John's Maesbury