February Message

I wonder how your New Year Resolutions are going? I don’t worry about breaking mine because I never make them. Why not, you might wonder? Because if I’m committed to something I do it anyway; if I’m not, sooner or later I will break my resolution anyway.

But sometimes we realise there were things, or something that we were committed to that really mattered to us, but somehow over the years it stopped being really important to us. From time to time its good to ask why that might be.

Ten years ago I did some research into why people leave the church after it having been really important to them. There were all sorts of reasons – moving house, tragedy, clash of personalities, often not being allowed to ask questions or to disagree with other churchgoers. But people also sometimes come back, also for varied reasons. Neither happen through a snap decision although something might be the ‘final straw’ or the ‘nudge in the right direction’.

If you have left the church, apart from ‘hatch, match and despatch’, Christmas and Remembrance Sunday, for whatever reason, why not think about that again.

You don’t have to be ‘good enough’ - or our churches would be empty! You don’t have to know your Bible or be able to explain it – we’re all learners. You don’t have to be the ‘right sort of person’ – there’s no such thing; we only want you as you are! You don’t have to come alone - you can come with a friend, or as a group.

Whatever your reasons for leaving; whatever your reasons for returning, one thing is certain, you will always be welcome at any of our churches!
God bless,

Andy (Interim) Rector

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in February, 9am at St John's Maesbrook