January Message

Happy New Year all!

By the time you read this Christmas Day is over and I hope you had a great time, and in fact are still enjoying the ‘twelve days of Christmas’!

And then it’s New Year and it’s then that, traditionally, we both look back at what has happened in this last year and look ahead to the future.

Looking back, I guess there’s a mixture of things you’re proud of with, maybe, regrets about what you might have done better or wished you hadn’t done. Either way, it’s another year passed and one year closer to the next life, which is not a little sobering – or hopeful, depending on what you believe lies beyond. And that asks questions of us, with a little more urgency at each passing year, like: “What am I doing with my life?” “How would I like to be remembered?” “What do I need to do to make that happen?”.

And it’s in that frame of mind we best make New Year resolutions. May I offer a suggestion for when you do: aim to make them positive,… “ I will, do this…." or "I will be that…….”, its easier to keep than negative versions; “I won’t do that….”. or “I won’t be like that…..” . Why is that? Because the focus is then on the ‘that’ that you want to do or be, or not to do or be.  For instance, research has shown that the ‘Don’t Drink & Drive’ campaigns actually connected the two activities in our minds to make us, subliminally, more likely to drink and drive! So, focussing on what you don’t want to do, or be, will probably make you more likely to do or be what you resolved not to. Conversely, of course, focussing on what you want to be or do makes either more likely! So give yourself a chance; resolve positively!

Make your resolutions; but don’t beat yourself up if, from time to time, you fail in whatever you resolve to do, but instead just refocus and carry on! It gets easier the more often you achieve your resolution for that day, or week, or month!

Whatever your resolution(s), enjoy the coming year to the full; This NEW Year is a New Gift from God!

And you will, of course, always be welcome to join us in worship and to learn about our generous God at any of our Sunday services or events in between.

God bless,

Andy (Interim) Rector

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in January, 9am at St Mary's Knockin