June Message

Celebrating Revd Helen ...


It’s always sad to say goodbye – friendships that will be missed; memories of good times that won’t come again.  This month the benefice says goodbye to Revd Helen Morby who has been looking after our five churches since 2012. Helen is following God’s plan for her life by moving on to minister to six churches in another part of Shropshire, and is looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges this will involve.  As a benefice we should celebrate that she is following God’s leading, and also the fact that God has a plan for us too.  Admittedly that plan won’t include Helen – but we shouldn’t dwell on what we think we will miss in the future but look at all we’ve gained from our time with her.

Helen has been an incredible force for drawing the 5 churches of the benefice closer together.  Each church is different and has its own priorities and difficulties.  We’ve always got along quite well in our separate ways but Helen has managed to reshape us into thinking outside of our parochial boxes.  We’re now something different.  Still the same churches but something else too.  Yes, there’s always work that can be done, and we will continue to work at opportunities to support one another and share in working out God’s plan.
Helen seems to have a secret store of inexhaustible energy.  She goes here, there and everywhere (sometimes it seems all at once) visiting parishioners, planning and taking services, attending meetings and events, etc. etc. - wherever something is going on, Helen is usually there.  We hope she will pass on her secret before she leaves.

Helen is unflappable.  Has anyone ever seen her panic?  She knows the still, small voice and listens for it.  She has kept us calm in times of crisis.  We need this secret too.

Helen knows her onions. Are there any churchwardens or PCC secretaries out there, in doubt over a point of procedure?  Ask Helen.  She’s so knowledgeable it’s scary …

Helen is fun to be with!  Thank you Helen, for your smiling face and unfailing good humour.  You have brightened our days and lightened our load.

Helen has also been a driving force in setting up the Oswestry Rural Youth Church, an expression of church that will serve 11-18 year olds living in the countryside around Oswestry.  She has seen and acted on the vision that young people in rural areas need a space to worship God. By the time you read this a Pioneer Youth Worker will have been appointed to lead the ORYC into the future.

So we celebrate Helen, for all she has done for us, for all she has taught us, for all she leaves us with – but most of all for herself.  We shall certainly miss her but we look to the future with anticipation – what is God planning next for our benefice?

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in June, 9am at St John's Maesbury
Prayer Breakfast: Thursday 14th June, 8.30am at St Mary's Kinnerley