April Message


At our monthly Lay led service at St Mary’s, Kinnerley, we are looking at what the Psalms say to us in this day and age. The Book of Psalms in the Bible is a great collection of songs and prayers thousands of years old.  People down the ages have been drawn to the psalms because they speak a universal language which expresses the deepest experiences of the human heart and soul. 
Whatever our spiritual mood may be, there is sure to be a psalm that reflects it, whether excitement or depression, joy or sorrow, wonder or anger.  The psalms can also help us find answers to some of our most basic questions.  The Book of Psalms reminds us of our context and our place in the plan and purposes of God. 

For me, one characteristic that stands out in the psalms is the complete honesty with which the writers pour out their feelings. You will hear God’s people crying out to him from the depths of despair and you will hear them singing to him in joyful celebration, but always with the deepest conviction that God is listening to them and hears their cries. 
People down the ages have turned again and again to the Psalms for comfort, especially in times of struggle and distress, finding the reassuring presence of God that gives them strength on their journey.

The psalms declare the greatness of the living God, as Creator, Sustainer, King, Father, Shepherd, Saviour and Judge and so much more.  By reading and reflecting on the psalms we can grow to know God better and discover how worthy he is of our worship, thanks  and praise.

Trish Calvert
Authorised Lay Minister

Morning Prayer in April is every Wednesday, 9am at St Mary's Knockin
Prayer Breakfast is Thursday 10th April, 8.30am at St Mary's Kinnerley


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