March Message 

- from the Curate

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for spring to be in full bloom. I must confess that I really do not enjoy the winter, with all the dark nights and short days. It can really make me feel down, as January slowly gives way to February, which itself appears to reluctantly step aside for March and then April and then May…... It just takes so long!
I am finding that I am longing for the sun, the smell of cut grass, the sight of flowers and trees enjoying the season of growth. That is when life seems to begin again, when we come out from hibernation, when winter gloom disappears.
Maybe that is one reason why I prefer Easter to Christmas. Now don’t get me wrong, Christmas can be lovely, but Easter just seems brighter. The sun is out, the birds appear to be singing with real enthusiasm, and the air can be filled with the scent of blossom. My whole mindset changes, I become more positive.
Of course it is not just because of the onset of spring and summer. I love Easter for its message: the message of hope, of new beginnings, of new life. That becomes especially powerful as we look at the events leading up to the darkness of Good Friday, with Jesus making the increasingly lonely journey to the cross, and then contrast them with the light of Easter Sunday. Gone is the pain, the sadness, the hopelessness of death: to be replaced by the promise that in Jesus we find new life – a life open to any who choose to follow him. That life has renewed purpose, as we live in the expectation that death is not the end, that there is life beyond.
That is why I love Easter. Yes I can celebrate Christmas, but it is in the events of Holy Week, and Easter Sunday, that my faith finds its anchor: That God so loves the world, he gave it Jesus, so that whoever believes in him has the hope of new life, both now and in the time to come.
I pray that you too will experience that Easter hope, the excitement of new life, and the promise God holds out to any who follow him. Please consider joining us as we celebrate: Holy week is full of different ways you can choose to do that, so please contact Revd Helen or myself for full details.
Every prayer and blessing

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday, 9am, St Mary's Kinnerley
Prayer Breakfast: Thursday 8th March, 8.30am, St Mary's Kinnerley

Holy Week Services:
Morning prayer and Breakfast 8.30am Monday – Friday in Kinnerley Church
A Holy Week Walk through Jerusalem:
Monday 7.30pm  Maesbrook
Tuesday 7.30pm Knockin
Wednesday 7.30pm Maesbury
Maundy Thursday (starts at 7pm): The last supper and Gethsemane

        Venue: Kinnerley Parish Hall and Kinnerley churchyard
Good Friday 2pm  Knockin
Good Friday Act of Witness:

8.30am breakfast in Kinnerley Church followed by a short service on Kinnerley Village Green, at approximately 9.15am.  Members of the Churches in the Benefice of Kinnerley with Melverley, Knockin with Maesbrook and Maesbury, Dovaston URC Chapel and the Methodist Chapels will join together as we recall the story of the crucifixion.  Please come and join us…whether you come to one of our churches or not you are very welcome.
More details from Revd Helen 01691 682351


If anyone would like a visit from either Revd Helen or a member of the Pastoral Visiting Team
please contact Revd Helen 01691 682351