February Message


Dear Friends

In preparing to write for the February edition I was mindful that the month has both Valentines Day and we begin the season of Lent.  I therefore debated whether to write about ‘love’ or whether to write about ‘Lent’ and decided I would write on the theme ‘love Lent’!

This year, Lent begins with Ash Wednesday falling on Valentines Day, the 14th February. Most, if not all, will be aware of the traditions surrounding Valentines Day and many of us will also be aware that it is tradition to give something up for Lent.  Those receiving chocolates from their admirers on Valentines Day may be thinking they have to wait til Easter to enjoy them, having declared that they are giving up chocolates for Lent!  But whilst it is a good thing to give up bad habits in this season when we seek even more to draw closer to our Lord, I would urge you to take up doing something positive as a discipline for the season instead.  Perhaps the theme of ‘love’ on Ash Wednesday/Valentines Day can be a source of inspiration in your thinking of what it is for you to ‘take up’ in Lent.

The great commandment that Jesus gave us may be a useful reminder to us. 

Jesus said : ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’  This is the greatest and first commandment.  And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’  Matthew 22.37-39

Love God and love our neighbour as ourselves.  Perhaps during Lent, instead of giving something up, we can each do something to bring meaning to that.  Maybe do something to show extra care, kindness and attention to someone you know in a way that you wouldn’t normally do:  Or take on something new that will help others in need:  Or perhaps support a worthy cause in an appropriate way.  It is through loving our neighbour that we may also experience God’s love for us.  God is love and by sharing in love we encounter God. As we recognise that love for us more and more we draw closer to God and in turn we love God more. 

So I encourage you to consider this taking on loving more! 

Every blessing
Revd Helen

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday, 9am, St John's Maesbury
Prayer Breakfast: Thursday 18th February, 8.30am, St Mary's Kinnerley
So What’s happening in the Benefice for Lent?

Ash Wednesday 14th February:
Lent Group begins 2pm in Kinnerley Church following the course ‘Faith Pictures’ an exciting six week course helping us to think in a new way how to share our faith with others.  Come along…if you can’t make every week come when you can. On Ash Wednesday at 3.30pm tea and cakes will be served, then at 4pm Holy Communion in Kinnerley Church. If you can’t make the Lent Group but wish to come to the service that is fine…but will be great to see you at both.

The Lent Course:
for the next 5 weeks at 2pm in Kinnerley Church.

Lent Lunches:
Come and join us for a soup and roll lunch each Monday in Lent at 1pm.  Donations towards Bishop of Lichfield’s Lent Appeal.
19th February Kinnerley Village Hall
26th February Knockin Assembly Rooms
5th March Maesbrook Village Hall
12th March Maesbury WI Hut
19th March Melverley Village Hall
This year there will be a speaker at each lunch sharing a brief story with us about God in their lives.  Please come and join us.

Saturday 24th March.  More details in March.


If anyone would like a visit from either Revd Helen or a member of the Pastoral Visiting Team
please contact Revd Helen 01691 682351