January Message


I Well I have to say that it feels very strange writing this before Christmas has come. However, by the time you read this, we will have gone through another festive celebration, the decorations will have been put away, the last of the mince pies will have been eaten (I hope), and we will be in the first stages of 2018. I don’t know about you, but the years seem to be going around very fast. It will not be that long until Lent and Easter will be upon us, then comes the summer, then harvest and other festivals, and before we can say ‘cranberry jelly” we will be cooking turkey for Christmas dinner 2018.
It all seems such a rush. One year blends into the next, and suddenly we are all getting older, and hopefully wiser. We are certainly becoming busier. Our working hours are no longer 9-5, and some people work nights, weekends, anything but what we might call routine. We can miss out on the other things of life because we are just too busy.
So in this time of starting a new year, I want to challenge us all, to take time to slow down, to still the busyness of our days, to take time for rest, for relationships, for quiet and peace. You may think that rather unrealistic if you have a busy lifestyle, but time goes so fast and often we only notice that when it can be too late.  How many people say things like ‘I wish I had made more time’ or ‘I wish I had spent more time with my family”.
The Bible tells us God makes one day of the week holy, a special day to put down the tools of our trades, and to rest, to reflect, to pray and to worship. It was not just a holy commandment, it makes practical sense too. We need to rest.
So whatever the year holds for you, think about being more mindful of those times for rest. Turn the computer off, switch the answer machine on, go for a walk, spend time with loved ones, and experience too the quiet presence of the one who promises that as we draw near to Him, so he will draw near to us.
Every prayer and blessing to you all this New Year

Morning Prayer in January is every Wednesday, 9am at St John's Maesbrook
Prayer Breakfast is Thursday 11th January, 8.30am at St Mary's Kinnerley


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