October Message


Dear Friends

This month sees the start of our monthly prayer breakfasts. Held on the second Thursday of each month, it is a time for us to gather together to pray for the villages of our benefice, for the work of the churches, for those with particular needs, as well as the wider issues affecting our world. Then we gather afterwards to share time together over breakfast (the most important meal of the day). The idea behind this is not see who can eat the most pieces of toast, or how many Weetabix it is possible to cram into one bowl. Rather, it’s about time shared together, and being hospitable to those who might join us.
However, mainly, it is about prayer.
People have some funny ideas about prayer. They might think that it can only be done whilst kneeling, or only done by someone in a dog collar, or only done in old fashioned language. Often people pray when they need something, or when they need rescue. But prayer is so much more, and the truth about prayer is somewhat different.
Prayer is all about direct communication with God: open and honest communication. It is a very important part of our growing in relationship with Jesus. Anyone can pray, at any time, and in any place. God wants us to communicate with him. So rest assured you do not have to be a theological expert in order to pray, and you can use normal language, the kind you would use when talking to someone else. And yes, prayer involves asking God for our needs, but it also involves thanking him for who He is, for the many blessings he gives us, and especially that he welcomes each of us as his children.  
Prayer is also about listening. Just as God longs to hear from us, he also wants to share with us the things on his heart. So prayer can also happen in silence. Now silence is not always easy.  We live in a very busy and noisy world, where things seldom stop and where silence can be very hard to find. But if we commit to listening to God, to create times of silence where we wait for him to speak, God promises he will make himself known.
So come and join us, come and share some time with God and with one another. Come and bring your needs to him in prayer. And come and sit with us in times of silence as we listen, to what God may have to say to us. You may well be surprised by what he has to say.
Oh, and my current record is 5 Weetabix!
Revd Adam


Morning Prayer in October is every Wednesday, 9am at St John's, Maesbury

If anyone would like a visit from either Revd Helen or a member of the Pastoral Visiting Team
please contact Revd Helen 01691 682351