September Message

ORYC 200

Dear Friends

One of the growing concerns for me as a priest is that our Churches are not reaching out to young people in the way that we need to.  During the recent Confirmation course led by Revd Adam the young people expressed to him that the traditional Church is irrelevant and boring.  This came as no surprise to us and I can quite understand what was being said.  Providing teaching and worship for all ages is very hard because our needs can be very different – and yet they are the same.  From listening to some young people, just like people of all ages, they have a desire to learn and discover the things of God.  Young people have a deep sense of their own spirituality which needs to be guided and informed and allowed to express in worship in a way that is relevant to them. 

Knowing all this the Anglican Churches in Oswestry, known as the Deanery of Oswestry, have been talking for some time about how best we can make provision for young people.  We are aware that amongst our parishes we have young people who have begun to explore their faith through Confirmation and earlier through Messy Church. But after that we have little if anything to offer them in a way that is relevant for them. We are therefore seeking to create Oswestry Rural Youth Church which will be an expression of Church that will serve 11-18s living in the rural villages and countryside around Oswestry.  We aim to develop a Church Community that:

  • Offers young people safe space to worship God

  • Cultivates a shared life

  • Thirsts to take part in God’s mission, and

  • Takes seriously its link with other expressions of Church in the area.

We plan to employ a pioneer worker who will recruit and train local volunteers for this work.  We have already received around £50,000 of funding, mostly from the Diocese of Lichfield, which leaves us around £100,000 left to raise in order to run the project initially for 3 years.  We are looking to raise the funds through local giving and support and through funds from grant-making trusts.

We often hear it said that children and young people are important to us because they are the Church of the future.  That is WRONG.  Children and young people are as much the Church NOW as in the future and they have every right to experience Church just as someone of my age and older.  We fail our children and young people by not providing for them in a way that is relevant and appropriate for them.

If you would like to know more about ORYC, or you would like to volunteer either in the management or to work with young people please get in touch.  Likewise, if you feel able to donate to the funds I can provide you information on how to do that.  If you are age between 11 and 18 and would like to know more also get in touch…we want to hear from you too.  Telephone 01691 682351 or email And above all, if you feel able to, please pray for this project and young people in our area.
Every blessing

Revd Helen


Morning Prayer in September will be on Wednesdays, 9am at St John's Maesbrook

If anyone would like a visit from either Revd Helen or a member of the Pastoral Visiting Team
please contact Revd Helen 01691 682351